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Curtain wall syatem

Curtain Wall

Curtain wall and Shop front partition

Our company supplies a vast range of ideal curtain wall frames that are fabricated from the best quality aluminium.  We offer extruded curtain wall frames in a large variety of fabulous colours and designs. Simple installation, supreme quality, and longstanding sheen are just a few great aspects of our aluminium curtain wall frames. We deliver well-structured aluminium curtain wall frames at very competitive costs and within the estimated deadlines for maximum customer satisfaction.

Our aluminium curtain wall frames can very well handle all of your requirements. We execute the tasks at high speeds while maintaining the quality at the same time. Our aim is to deliver the finished products as promised to our clients

Shop front
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Advantages of a curtain wall are

Arresting penetration of water
★ Reduction in the release of carbon dioxide
Reducing solar levels
Stronger resistance to wind

We cater a huge array of superlative curtain wall frames that is manufactured from the superior quality aluminum. We have firmly positioned ourselves as one of the supreme aluminium curtain wall frames company, based in UAE.  We provide aluminium curtain wall frames at very moderate prices and that too within the stipulated time frame.

Spider Curtain wall System

Spider Glass Curtain Walls,or point supported glass curtain wall offer great transparency .It is a system for point-supported vertical glazing in which thermally toughened (tempered) glass or,laminated safety glass are used, in single glazing or in double glazed units. Laminated safety glass (tempered laminated glass) is preferable to be used in single glazing or as the outer sheet of the insulating glass units.

The rectangular glass sheets have 4 or 6 countersunk drilled holes into which countersunk stainless steel bolts acting aspoint-fixings. The space between the glass sheets are filled with whether seal. The support elements that hold the fitting can be space frame,glass fin or tension cables.

This system consist of a number of accessories with metal arms. At the end of each arm,a sheet of glass is fixed by the corners with a special screws. The vacuum between these sheets is filled up with isolators to overcome mechanical pressure and weather conditions.

Spider System
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