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Fencing & Railing

Glass Rails and Fencing 

Today’s interior and exterior decorative design run on the main view of glass. For instance, the glass fencing for the balcony may seem like a very simple aspect. But it alone has many detailed options. Which will add more meaning to the building exterior decoration. Such as concealed, framed and so much more.
Rails and Fencing glass in Dubai can also have the feature of being laminated glass. These kinds of are much thicker than normal standard tempered & toughened glass in Dubai and are of different layers. The laminated glass has a special thin layer. Within each glass sheet that has a sticky interlayer made of PVB or EVB.

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Glass is considered the safest for residential and commercial building balconies. Specially manufactured in a way that they make will cause. There are also options for colored laminated glass. Which are again into a detailed feature of requirements to meet a client’s unique requirement.

Buildup Glass and Aluminum as Glass Company offers Glass handrail works in Dubai Extend the view of your home with glass Balustrade. These thick glass panels are built to last in order to keep your family safe. Aside the benefits, it adds aesthetic beauty to your home, making it adorable.

Stair Hand Rails


A glass pool fence is a strong, safe, and less maintenance way to protect your child and family members without hindering the view. In addition, using frameless planning a glass pool fence installation will not only be a cost-effective solution. But it will also come with a quality finish by using clear glass. The toughened tempered baby secure pool fencing glass wall fits into strong, resistant corrosion stainless steel (316 Grade Profile). Standing Constructed height of the glass is 1000mm (100cm) from the ground and its toughened tempered safety glass is 12mm thick with polished machine edges polished. The lengths range will be considered as per the required design from 600mm to 2000mm.
Swimming baby secure pool safety fence installation, giving you perfect peace of mind that your little ones. Safe glass and secure away from the pool if you’re not there. We also install lockable self-closing gates, so when you are not there you know the pool area is safe.

Swimming Pool Fencing

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