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Bi-Folding and Sliding

Frameless Glass Sliding Doors

We as a Sliding Door Company in Dubai Our objective has always been to provide inspiring, state-of-the-art interior doors that are functional and optimize the available floor space. We solve space planning challenges and turn your dreams into reality. We continue to aim to earn your trust through our products, top notch customer service and building to your specific project’s requirements. We as a Sliding Door Company in Dubai We build interior door solutions specifically to meet your project’s requirements.

We as a Sliding doors supplier in Dubai provide the best services in town for you to fulfill all of your requirements. The best thing about us that we are the only industry that can make many of the best projects to our happy clients & they will easily be your permanent customers by taking the best services from.


Automatic Sliding Doors

Buildup Glass and Aluminium Company is also Automatic doors supplier in Dubai is equipped with smart readers and software for automatic doors. Our products work with advanced technologies required to manage different sliding doors. Our technical staff is dedicated to keep the products in tune with the latest technical trends. The doors are equally modern in terms of the styles and designs. We also provide facility of different systems like push button based and remote control based.

Our technicians are highly experienced in installing and repairing sliding gates and automatic doors. The rich experience and dedication towards providing the best service of our team members help us to grow leaps and bounds. All care is taken to ensure that the glass designs and working are suitable for your need and the building set-up.


Folding Framed Doors

Framed Folding Doors is an aluminum framed system in Dubai United Arab Emirates where doors are united with hinges and top mechanism so as pulling the first door will lead the others together. The doors are applied into track rail which is fixed on top and slide using special rollers that provide smooth and quiet movement. No further use of extra floor necessary, while door track rail is stability is achieved with the use of either safely locks or floor lathes

We offers the ideal key for linking your home with the garden. Folding Doors In Dubai UAE open and close smoothly, and stack modestly to open and whole wall of your home. Bespoke opening sizes, configurations and door designs allow replacements and the flexibility to design doors that suit your standard of living and meet your requirements. Low or level threshold designs allow equal floor finish levels inside and out, whilst maintaining full weatherproofing. All of the Doors  are fitted with the latest hardware and locking systems to give you superior security and peace of mind. 

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